Registration for Camp Cavett is now closed. If you have any questions please contact our office (405) 271-2271.

Camp Cavett is by far our biggest camp, weighing in with 180 campers and 180 volunteers!
Every year, a variety of patients converge at Cross Point to reclaim their lives. This camp is a necessity when feeling disconnected and alone with medical problems. We breakdown walls and bring normalcy back to lives through many activities.

How we manage this is just as impressive as the camp itself! Our affiliation with the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center draws nurses and doctors to all our camps. They manage patient medical care, as well as our infamous Club Med routine. Regardless of your illness, we believe kids can have the same great life-changing experience!


What do Spina Bifida, PKU and Kidney patients have in common? They attend Kamp Courage!

Kamp Courage takes place at Dry Gulch, U.S.A. – a site so large we effectively run three camps under one roof! The combined camps are Camp Wildfire, Camp PKU and Kamp Kidney. These programs are evidence of camper success, with the latter recognized as the oldest kidney camp in the country!

This location is an ideal setting. Its old west-theme comes with modern accessibility that handles mobility, fluid and dietary restrictions with ease. In fact, we bring dialysis machines just to ensure proper medical care does not disrupt the camp experience! Activities help bring campers with chronic diseases together as they learn character, coping and connection:


Sometimes a bag of ice is all you need to feel better, but what happens when faced with cancer? You head to the Rocky Mountains!

Cancer patients and survivors are more than familiar with extreme lows, so we pull out all the stops to get them to great heights! Winter Park is ideal because it's home to the NSCD, one of the largest therapeutic recreation agencies in the world. We pair campers with instructors so they can conquer the mountain from top to bottom. Whether it's their first time to ski, sit ski, ski bike or snowboard, they will prevail!

Lessons learned on the slopes and in our small group transfer easily to the activities and challenges in daily life. By facing the extremes, campers leave with an attitude and spirit that can endure treatment, recovery and remission through character, coping and connection.


If a spark from the heart gives light to the world, there’s no better place to strike than Angel Fire!

From whitewater rafting to horseback-riding, heart patients connect with one another through some crazy adventures. These adventures draw them to camp, but it’s the stories they share and hear that keep them coming back.

During small group sessions, we discover there’s more to illnesses than ash and soot – there’s fuel. With the help of medical staff and an art therapist, campers move beyond their surgical scars and the limits placed on their physical activity to develop a new self-image. That image is shaped by what they endured and what they hope to become.

Through character, coping and connection, we ignite each camper’s heart so it burns clean and bright with their full potential.


June 20-24

Leadership Camp includes a variety of activities that emphasize communication and public speaking skills. Campers not only gain confidence, they also learn to effectively share their story in meaningful ways for the purpose of leading and benefitting others. This approach to leadership is rooted in such depth it regularly transforms the lives of everyone around them.