Entering the team competition is the best way to enjoy Camp Champ Challenge! Just find 5 people, pick a fun team theme, get your costumes together and get ready for the hilarious competition.  It's a piece of cake to raise your team entry fee with your personalized team info page.  Only 25 teams can enter the competition. Remember... You do not have to have the entire entry fee to start a team. It is not due until the week of the event.  Sign-up today!  

Already registered? Make sure you are ready for the competition by completing the following:

1. Pick a team captain & team theme
2. Read through the Team Info Packet
3. Go to Crowdrise to create or join your team. (See steps below for details).
4. Share your Team page on social media
5. Connect with your Camper Coach


To Start a Team

1. Go to the Camp Champ Challenge Crowdrise page

2. Select Set Up(see image below).



3. A pop-up window will appear with two options. Choose "Start Your Own Fundraiser" to create a team or "Join a team" to join one.


4. Follow prompts filling in the Name of Your Team, the minimum Fundraising Goal should be $1000, your team description. 


To Join a Team

1. Go to the Camp Champ Challenge registration page

2. Select Team Member(see image below).


3. Fill in Team Name (See image below).


4. Click or tap on "Click Here To Complete Your Registration (See Image above.)

5. Share your team's Crowdrise page on social media!


To Support a Team

1. Click on Support a Team

2. Type in the name of the team you wish to support.

3. Select the amount you wish to donate.

4. Finish filling out remaining fields and select the "Donate" button.