If a spark from the heart gives light to the world, there’s no better place to strike than Angel Fire, N.M.!


From whitewater rafting to horseback-riding, heart patients connect with one another through some crazy adventures. These adventures draw them to camp, but it’s the stories they share and hear that keep them coming back.

During small group sessions, we discover there’s more to illnesses than ash and soot – there’s fuel. With the help of medical staff and an Art Therapist, campers move beyond their surgical scars to develop a new self-image. It’s shaped by what they’ve endured and what they hope to become.

Burdened by limitations on physical activities, campers often miss out on fun things back at home.  At camp, they learn to embrace these limitations and realize that moving at a slower pace is much more enjoyable when walking hand in hand with friends that won’t leave them behind.