It’s tough growing up, especially while battling a life-threatening illness. 

The goal of Transitions is to equip older teens, twenty-somethings and camp alumni with the tools they need to succeed as they transition into adulthood.

A few fun facts about the 2016 scheduled events:

·         Free of Charge

·         6 Events throughout the year

·         Last 4 hours long

·         Occur on Saturdays

·         Include fun, food and friends

·         Located around the OKC metro area


The format and content of Transitions is meant to be flexible and easily adaptable to the needs of participants. Example topics include:

·         Owning your illness

·         Applying for scholarships

·         Making medical decisions

·         Maintaining work/life balance

·         Creating an accountability system

·         Sharing your diagnosis with significant others

Don’t hesitate to connect with others and learn how to live life right the first time through!

(Details and registration information for upcoming events will appear on this page.)