March 15-20, 2017
March 15-20, 2017

Sometimes a bag of ice is all you need to feel better, but what happens when faced with cancer? You head to the Rocky Mountains!

Cancer patients and survivors are more than familiar with extreme lows, so we pull out all the stops to get them to great heights! Winter Park is ideal because it's home to the NSCD, one of the largest therapeutic recreation agencies in the world. We pair campers with instructors so they can conquer the mountain from top to bottom. Whether it's their first time to ski, sit ski, ski bike or snowboard, they will prevail!

Lessons learned on the slopes and in our small group transfer easily to the activities and challenges in daily life. By facing the extremes, campers leave with an attitude and spirit that can endure treatment, recovery and remission through character, coping and connection.


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