Camp Champ Challenge Post-Event Survey 2017

Camp Champ Challenge was a huge success thanks to our amazing volunteers!  We would really like to get some feedback about the event so that we can continue to improve each and every year.  This survey is completely anonymous, so please feel free to be open!

Explain what things worked well with all areas of CCC: pre-event planning, teamwork, event-night activities, post-event, etc. List any successes!
Please describe any challenges you faced, any areas that didn't function well, gaps in the process, things you needed that you didn't have, etc. You'll be able to list out ideas on how to improve these things in the next section.
Please list out any specific ideas you have -- whether big or small -- so that we can continue to improve CCC. We love feedback and will not get offended by suggestions. We are all working toward the same goal of raising more money for the kids!
Please give us feedback on any way that we can serve you better! Are there areas we can improve on? Did we communicate in a timely manner? Did you feel like the structure of the committees you served on worked well? Were there enough people to accomplish the tasks assigned? Any new volunteer positions needed? We are here for you!