Welcome to Club Cavett!

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to making a difference.

You can give the gift of camp to a child battling a life-threatening illness by signing up for automatic, monthly donations, making you an elite member of Club Cavett! You can sponsor a specific camper or we can choose the camper for you. Either way, you will be giving a courageous kid just one more reason to keep fighting. Join Club Cavett today!

A few Perks of Club Cavett:

  • Connect with your Camper: You will receive a hand-written letter from the camper you are sponsoring, a Club Cavett Members Button and a picture of the camper.
  • Convenient: You don't have to do anything after signing up! We take care of every donation and send you acknowledgements by email or mail about your tax deductible donations.
  • Less Operating Costs: By having automatic donations, there is less paperwork processing and more of your donation goes to helping the kids.

Simply choose the camper you wish to sponsor, click on their picture, and fill out the Club Cavett Donation Form.  Be sure to enter in the donation amount from the camper picture and select "re-occurring donation" under donation type.