Cavett Kids leaders

This week a new group of leaders are ready to face another day in this crazy world.

 We not only grew as friends but we grew stronger within ourselves. Personally for me I learned how to be ok within myself. When I'm at home I look in the mirror and criticize myself. Just this week alone I looked in the mirror and was ok with with what I saw… even on the inside. I was ok and I learned others look up to me. And that for me means a lot. To know other people see something in me when I myself think I'm nothing is really amazing to me.

Working together for a common goal. Like having mobility issues is rough ok. But a few campers went out of there way to make sure I was able to get everywhere. To me that's true compassion. They cared enough to go out of there way to make sure I was ok and I can never say thank you enough to them but what I can do is use the skills I learned this week and hope I make as much of an impact as a leader as they had on me.

So look out world here's a new group of caring compassionate headstrong leaders ready to help the world. 

-Halie Parker