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Emma's not just surviving, she's thriving!

Today has been a fun, crazy, and exhausting day at Kamp Courage.  I've rode go carts, hung out in the art room, and I ate a "traditional" camp lunch... well, the fruit was good!  This afternoon at Danny's Challenge, the message was so uplifting!  It motivated us to not just survive, but to THRIVE!  I really love Kamp Courage.  I have so much fun & when you get to know all the awesome campers it's an extra special bonus.

Emma B. 15 1/2

Juvenile Dermatomyositis


Boone the Therapy Dog helps campers find their spark

Hello World! Hope you're listening!

A quick update from Kamp Courage: Who let the dog out?! One of our favorite therapy dogs, Boone, came out to get in on the fun.  Our awesome campers wore him out with lots of love. 

What's your spark? What makes you happy?  My spark is being here this week.  I love helping with these kids going through situations like I have.  

-Caitlin Clark