Emma's not just surviving, she's thriving!

Today has been a fun, crazy, and exhausting day at Kamp Courage.  I've rode go carts, hung out in the art room, and I ate a "traditional" camp lunch... well, the fruit was good!  This afternoon at Danny's Challenge, the message was so uplifting!  It motivated us to not just survive, but to THRIVE!  I really love Kamp Courage.  I have so much fun & when you get to know all the awesome campers it's an extra special bonus.

Emma B. 15 1/2

Juvenile Dermatomyositis


Friday, taking the plunge

We had a quick and early start this morning in order to hit the rapids! The water was cold enough to wake sleeping beauty. After six miles of rafting, nothing remained dry. Two or three even took the brisk plunge, on purpose or by accident - only they can tell. When we hit land, Far Flung Adventures waited for us with and appetizer of chips and salsa. Lunch promptly followed as we gorged ourselves on the view of the Rio Grande River Gorge.

Breakfast at Willis and Kathy's

Breakfast at Willis and Kathy's gave way to lunch at the Pletcher's. Between the two - golf, crafts, card games, and plenty of stories.  As beautiful and gorgeous as it is here, even the humming birds are in fierce competition for the campers' attention. Seems the roar of this Gator is more exciting!!!

Day two of Heart Camp is wrapping up after a wonderful day of relaxing. Everyone woke up early with the New Mexico sun and had an amazing breakfast prepared by our hosts. The card games and story telling started early and soon we moved up the road to the Pletcher's cabin.  The campers soaked up the sun, took naps, played more card games, extreme golf and road the ATV.  Everyone is resting up for our busy day tomorrow of river rafting.