It's almost over...

Today proved to be a success. Many great stories from the NSCD Instructors about how much our ski campers learned! Loved getting to know everyone this week. Too bad we leave Winter Park tomorrow. We'll have one last adventurer during the Ski Patrol's Ski Down event. Afterwards, to the campers' excitement, we are hitting Casa Bonita, a ski camp tradition, on the way home. Funny thing - it's their 40th Anniversary and they have been declared a historic site in the city of Denver!

Gotta Love This Lil' Tomato

One of the running jokes at Ski Camp is the "small SUV" we rented. We were sold on it because of the hatchback and AWD. Didn't realize it was this tiny Suzuki! Some skis can fit, but not all. Regardless, it's fun and has been great for running campers to and from their condos. The rental company affectionately calls it the "tomato." How appropriate!