It’s tough growing up, especially while battling a life-threatening illness.  The goal of Transitions is to equip older teens, twenty-somethings and camp alumni with the tools they need to succeed as they transition into adulthood. The format and content of Transitions is meant to be flexible and easily adaptable to the needs of participants.

“Great leadership arises out of great conflict.” – J.M. Burns

Cavett kids are well-acquainted with hardship and the difficulties life can bring. The incredible thing is this – those same experiences are fertile ground for extraordinary leadership! This camp is formatted like training and development workshop, but with the added bonus of a pool party and cook-out here and there.

Leadership Camp includes a variety of activities that emphasize communication and public speaking skills. Campers not only gain confidence, they also learn to effectively share their story in meaningful ways for the purpose of leading and benefitting others. This approach to leadership is rooted in such depth it regularly transforms the lives of everyone around them.