Volunteering with Cavett Kids is a life-changing experience for all involved. Volunteers and donors often feel that when they give time or resources, they are the ones who will be changing the lives of our patients. But in reality, the volunteers and donors are the ones who walk away changed. Rest assured, if you decide to start helping make a difference by giving your time or resources, you will be changed for the better... forever.

Volunteers come from all walks of life and all areas of the country but they all have one thing in common-once they experience one of our camps, they are forever a part of the “Cavett Kids Family.” There are many different roles, such as counselors, camp nurses, cabin nurses, logistics crew, snake wrangler, golf cart drivers, boaters, cosmetologists, photographers, etc. It takes a village!

Leaders in Training

Volunteers under 21 years of age may apply to be a Leader in Training, or LIT. Since LIT’s are close in age to older campers, they are assigned to serve as mentors in the younger cabins of the same gender. This helps ensure that LIT’s are viewed as leaders, rather than peers, by their campers.  LIT’s are responsible for assisting their counselor(s) with all requested duties and responsibilities in the cabin, as well as monitoring their cabin’s campers at various activities.  LIT’s should have a positive attitude and should be willing to help make camp a success in any way possible.  Click here to download the LIT Application. We will follow-up with you once your application is reviewed.